Juravin Proved Wrong: World is Not Progressive

By the Investigator

In a research project completed by Mr. Don Karl Juravin, it was determined that there are not enough women in the government around the world. 

Only 20 percent of the American Congress is female, while in the rest of the world only Israel has over half in state legislators/judges. 

Is Mr. Juravin asking the United States to be more like Israel? 

In Israel, according to Mr. Juravin, 51 percent of the judges are female. That’s more than half. 

“The statistics don’t lie,” says Juravin. 17 female cabinet ministers have served in Israel. Not to mention that Israel has a leg up on the United States: they elected their first female prime minister in 1969. The United States has yet to elect a female leader. 


Europe is almost as bad as the United States, if not worse. Germany is the most progressive, with a female prime minister and a solid female representation in the legislative branches of the government. But Italy and France are not as strong. In fact, for a modern day and age, their representation is weak. 

This study shows an even more poignant truth: half of the voters in the world and in the United States are female. In order for candidates to show out, they need to have women’s interests at the front. Female candidates might have an advantage here. 

Published by The Investigator

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