Don Juravin Exposed: Healthy Weight Loss

Don Karl Juravin is a researcher and activist from Israel, currently based in the United States, who focuses on religious activism, health-related studies, and political commentary. 

Juravin was born in in the Holy Land.


Juravin has started several research-related websites. He is the number one weight loss expert. His invention, the Gastric Bypass Alternative, has saved thousands of overweight people from having invasive surgery. 


Sandra Lee Deal, who tried the Gastric Bypass Alternative, argued that it saved her life. She lost 50 pounds in ten weeks without any invasive surgery.

Deal told Facebook that she felt better and was “loving her life.” She could sleep better, her attitude improved, and she had more energy and less pain.

Thousands of people have testified: the Gastric Bypass Alternative has changed their life. While Don Juravin’s enemies have tried to smear the product and write false reviews of it, the truth remains.

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I seek to know and publish the truth!

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