Fighting For Truth And Justice

by the Investigator

Bias is all around the world. You cannot read or write anything without finding bias.

I propose that we all take an educated look at the facts and draw our own conclusions from there. I plan on using this blog to fight for those in need of justice. War must be waged against those miscreants who use false information against the innocent.

This will eliminate bias.

News, tips and testimony are all welcome here.

Welcome to Truth Investigation.

Juravin Proved Wrong: World is Not Progressive

By the Investigator

In a research project completed by Mr. Don Karl Juravin, it was determined that there are not enough women in the government around the world. 

Only 20 percent of the American Congress is female, while in the rest of the world only Israel has over half in state legislators/judges. 

Is Mr. Juravin asking the United States to be more like Israel? 

In Israel, according to Mr. Juravin, 51 percent of the judges are female. That’s more than half. 

“The statistics don’t lie,” says Juravin. 17 female cabinet ministers have served in Israel. Not to mention that Israel has a leg up on the United States: they elected their first female prime minister in 1969. The United States has yet to elect a female leader. 


Europe is almost as bad as the United States, if not worse. Germany is the most progressive, with a female prime minister and a solid female representation in the legislative branches of the government. But Italy and France are not as strong. In fact, for a modern day and age, their representation is weak. 

This study shows an even more poignant truth: half of the voters in the world and in the United States are female. In order for candidates to show out, they need to have women’s interests at the front. Female candidates might have an advantage here. 

Aggressive HOA Rules Drive Families Out of Homes

Whether you live in a gated community or in a normal neighborhood district, one thing can be certain. The Homeowner’s Association you are forced to work with has a list of unnecessary rules and an even longer list of lawyers. 

At Bella Collina, a gated community located in central Florida, the HOA rules hold everyone in fear. In order to live at Bella Collina, you have to pay between 40,000 and 80,000 in club fees, as well as an annual 5,000 to 10,000 to keep up with it. Even if you’ve been banned from the Club, you will still be forced to pay the fees. 

Residents Don Juravin and his family have experienced the unreasonable rulings first hand. Mr. Juravin moved into Bella Collina in December of 2015. After a few months of living in Bella Collina, he was tired of living in a community that claimed to be one thing on the advertising brochure, but was in fact something else. For the amount of money invested in Bella Collina, the Club, and the amenities, the return was small. 

Mr. Juravin penned a review and placed it on Google. The retaliation he received through Bella Collina’s HOA bankrupted him.

Immediately, the Juravin family–including his wife Anna and their three daughters–were banned from Bella Collina’s Club. The letter Mr. Juravin received marked the family as “dangerous.” When a neighbor took the Juravin children to the community pool with her own children, the Juravin daughters were told they could not enter. 

Despite being banned from the pool, the Juravin family was still forced to pay the massive fees associated with the Club. Meanwhile, Mr. Juravin was told by the local court that the fees were legal, because he agreed to them. Moreover, the court reasoned that the fees were legal because Mr. Juravin was paying them, in a sort of round about form of logic. 

Mr. Juravin was not the only homeowner that tried, and failed to take on Bella Collina. Other families tried to actively fight the HOA at Bella Collina, only to be chased away. 

Three families, the Heckenbergs, the Sheltons, and the Sutherins, sued the Bella Collina club, calling the massive Club fees they were forced to pay “unjust” and even “illegal.” However, even in these cases, while the homeowners were not paying the fees, their cases were dismissed. 

In retaliation, Bella Collina cancelled the school bus that came to pick up the Sutherin children. The children were forced to leave the community to be picked up by the bus. Eventually, the Sutherins were forced to move to another neighborhood.

HOA has made it clear: you can’t just leave your HOA past behind. It will catch up to you. The Sutherins were chased down by the property manager, Randall Greene. Greene sent a mug to the Sutherins with a note: we haven’t forgotten that you owe us HOA fees. 

Don Juravin Exposed: Healthy Weight Loss

Don Karl Juravin is a researcher and activist from Israel, currently based in the United States, who focuses on religious activism, health-related studies, and political commentary. 

Juravin was born in in the Holy Land.


Juravin has started several research-related websites. He is the number one weight loss expert. His invention, the Gastric Bypass Alternative, has saved thousands of overweight people from having invasive surgery. 


Sandra Lee Deal, who tried the Gastric Bypass Alternative, argued that it saved her life. She lost 50 pounds in ten weeks without any invasive surgery.

Deal told Facebook that she felt better and was “loving her life.” She could sleep better, her attitude improved, and she had more energy and less pain.

Thousands of people have testified: the Gastric Bypass Alternative has changed their life. While Don Juravin’s enemies have tried to smear the product and write false reviews of it, the truth remains.

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